Timing is perfect for new sellers on Amazon.com.

The world’s largest retailer continues to grow. Amazon’s third party seller program now easier for new entrants to compete.

Buyers on Amazon generally don’t care who the sellers are. The buying experience has been created in such a way, that buyers are rewarded with a good experience with reliable customer service. Who the product owner is, is generally unimportant.

With that mindset, those selling worthy products have a wide open door for success.

Not so fast

Just as in a brick and mortar store, buyers must first see the product before they buy. In traditional marketing, shelf space and location are vital for high sales volume. Even then, savvy advertising and attractive packaging is important.

Those same marketing huddles exist on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.com

RobertECook.org has designed a new consulting model to aid new Amazon sellers in navigating these hurddles. The consulting model has seller experiencing the success available to properly marketed products using the Amazon FBA platform.

There a several ways to accomplish success with Amazon.

Until now sellers had one of three choices in entering the FBA program.

  • Go it alone and learn on the fly.
  • Pay for high end training, so they can then go it alone with some idea of what to do.
  • Hire a consultant. Generally the model requires giving up as much as 50% of the business.

Our new consulting model has taken the best of these platforms and created a plan that is affordable and gets results.

Our Plan for you

The model is to hire us to help you do it. We go step-by-step until the product is successful. Upon achieving success you can continue on your own with no further obligation to us.

Our fees are fair and generally will amount to a much smaller total expense than high end training. We do not ask or accept any ownership or share in your business.

The time and total cost for our help will depend on where your business is in terms of development.  If you have a product and are ready to start selling on Amazon, the time and cost will be less than that of the business still looking for a product.

We are prepared to help wherever you are.

Ready for more information. Complete our Discovery Form and together we can create a strategy for your business.