Hi, I’m Robert E Cook

If you have arrived on this site looking for information on business, I am happy to say that I have retired.

My work now is to manage my own business interests, write when I can, and grow old.

For more than 35 years I had been learning the art of growing a business.  It has been a good life with plenty of excitement. Some with great memories, others not so much.

It is my plan to write another novel. A story that will intertain while causing you to think about things you may not have considered. Fiction is a wonderful medium. When we create stories, there are few rules.

I always enjoy hearing other points of view. There is a left over form on this site. I call it a discovery form. I used it for potential customers to tell me a little about themselves. It was a starting point on whether there was opportunity to work together.

Feel free to use the form if you wish to share an idea. The comments section below my posts is a good place to reach out as well.

I am retired. I still have ideas for business. I have retained some of my information from the old site. The menu at the bottom of the home page still works.

It you want business advice from an old man, the discovery form is available.








Click on my Discovery Form and complete the questions. Together we can learn if I am able to help.