Robert E Cook

Hi, I’m Robert E Cook


For more than 35 years I have been learning the art of growing a business.  As I begin to slow down but not retire, I have engaged in helping small businesses grow using two fundemental tools.

The digital age is exploding with growth so fast, it is nearly impossible to keep up.  The small business owner can ill afford to ignore this digital explosion.

You have read it here in various forms. I repeat it because it is a ‘new’ normal for business.

Businesses that are not engaged with internet visability, a social media marketing program, or search engine presence, are rapidly losing money.

I am not selling anything on this website. My business is not to sell anyone. I offer proven strategies that will grow any business.

If you’re a plumber, a dentist or manage a salon, the strategies I write about on this site will work. Any business willing to engage in digital marketing using video along with the proper social media platform, will find true success. And it is done on a budget.

My years of business experience in a multitude of businesses as taught me that if a business does not adjust to change, they will not survive.

Retailers were once unphased by the ‘big box’ stores as they moved into town. First margins shrunk, then sales as buyers left main street retail stores for the Walmart’s and BestBuys.

The shoe is now on the other foot, so to speak.

Many of the so called ‘national brands’ were slow to recoginze the power of the digital market place. Now it is Amazon’s turn. Claiming market share most never dreamed of, Amazon’s success has sent values of household names like BestBuy, J.C. Penny, and others falling.

Headlines like, “Clicks over Bricks” are frequent in business publications. Retailers are moving to clicks.

An exciting change is rocking the e-commerce market place.

Just before Christmas 2016, Amazon changed their terms of service agreement.

Many new entrants to the selling platform were intially blocked from paticipating. That was temporary. Amazon simply wanted to get through the season. Adding new sellers would require too many assessts best used to maximize holiday sales.

The restrictions have been lifted. Amazon is open for business with an all new level playing field for new third party sellers.

Our knowledge of the Amazon FBA platform will give new sellers a true boost for a profitable selling experience. Those already there can find value from our strategies to maximize the FBA experience.

If you’re a small business ready to grow, or a retailer being left behind by the digital age of online buying, I can help.

Consulting help in managing the Amazon selling platform is right here.

Click on my Discovery Form and complete the questions. Together we can learn if my strategies are right for you.