There may be  25 million reasons to use video in your marketing efforts.How important is video in business

Have you ever heard of Casey Neistat? Neither had I until today. I received my weekly V-blog from Jeff Walker.  You don’t know him either? It’s not important.

You Need To Know, What The Value Is In Using Video

Jeff was reporting to people like me, that Casey had just sold his YouTube video making business to CNN. Yes, that CNN. The cable news giant created by Ted Turner forty years ago.

So what you ask.

The so what, is that Casey has reportedly been paid, $25 Million for his video business.

The point here, is that video is important. If a thirty something year old guy can have that sort of payday from doing video, image what video might do for you. What it might do for your business.

This is not to suggest that if your business engaged in video marketing, that you will make anything close to twenty five million dollars. That also is not to say it couldn’t.

What I am saying is, video is important. People are watching. There are more hours spent watching videos on YouTube than there are hours of people watching television.

Think about that for a minute.

You know how much TV you watch. How much your family watches. All the families in the country are still not watching as much television as there are hours spent watching video online.robertecook-org-image-television

After I had watched Jeff’s video, (a V-blog is a video instead of a printed blog) I did what you might do after reading this. I Googled Casey’s name. I found his videos with one click. Here’s the link if you want to see it for yourself Casey Neistat.

There Are A lot Of Reasons For CNN To Pay The Money They Did

The primary reason, and the reason that makes sense for business owners, is that Casey’s videos have millions of views. He knows how to get traffic. Casey’s traffic creates ad revenue. Casey makes a lot of money.

The second reason is Casey and his partners have created an App that may have value.

The third reason is that Casey has nearly 6 million subscribers to his YouTube Channel. How would your business like having that kind of following.

Yeah but, you say.

Don’t go there. Casey Neistat has proven a very important point. People watch video. When it’s done properly, they watch it a lot.

That’s What I Do For Small Business

I help you grow your business by using good video that your best customers want to watch.

When people find value in watching video, the producer of the work builds authority. For themselves and for their business.

In Casey’s videos, the value is intertainment.

For the businesses I work with, that value comes from answering questions. The questions that get answered are the very questions your best customers are asking, or should be asking.

Yellow Pages

I probably shouldn’t be so hard on Yellow Pages. They are after all, making a ton of money. Their sales people are collecting nice commission checks selling their video service.

Here’s the rub. The videos are merely yellow page ads that move . They are no more inviting to watch then reading the old yellow pages when it was a phone book.

  • Where is the value?
  • What is the customer (viewer) getting?
  • What problem is being solved?
  • What question is being answered?
  • Why would anyone want to watch?

When you want to run an ad, run an ad. That is what the old yellow page listing were, ads to attract people to call your business.

If you want video, then make a video people want to watch. Casey has proved that point. People watch video.

What did CNN buy?

CNN did not shell out twenty five million dollars for cute YouTube videos. They are buying a strategy that has nearly 6 million people saying they like it.

I have a strategy to grow your business using video. It’s affordable, it is evergreen (last for ever) and it works.

If your business does not have a solid plan to grow with the use of video, you are losing money. Do not confuse advertising with video marketing, They are not the same.

How important is video in business?robertecook-org-image-video-mobile

It is vital in promoting growth. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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