A seller’s guide to making an Amazon FBA program a successful venture.

How To Sell On Amazon FBA Begins After You Have Product.

There are three areas of the Amazon sellers process that will make or break an FBA product. They are also the three reasons you should not go it alone with Amazon FBA.How to sell on Amazon FBA

Sellers on the Amazon.com platform understand the value of Fulfillment By Amazon. It is why they chose it.

The opportunity to find training is abundant. Much can be learned for free by reading blogs, watching videos and attending webinars. Some is wonderful, some is good and a few are scams.

I Have A Different Approach. I Lend My Expertise When It’s Time To Sell Product.

For many FBA businesses, the hard work of sourcing product, importing, and packaging is complete. The product is successfully placed in Amazon’s warehouse and is ready to be shipped as the sales are made.

The sales aren’t magic. Just like there is stale product at Walmart, there is stale product on Amazon.

Get A Perspective

The modest beginnings of the e-Commerce giant focused on books. The platform has grown continually as shown in the Statista graph. As the company exploded, the need for products grew.  The need has been, and continues to be filled by sellers who understand the marketing power of Amazon.com


The value of Amazon for sellers, comes from access. An opportunity for new or small sellers to compete with huge multi national companies. Products are placed on the same platform seeking a share of the $100 billion that will be spent inside the e-Commerce giant this year.

Ready Cloud has the stats if you’re interested.

A quick look has Amazon larger than Walmart. Last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at Amazon accounted for 36% of all sales. Sales exceeded $3 Billion in a single day.

How big is Amazon.com? It has been reported that in 2014, a computer crash that lasted a full forty-nine minutes, cost the retailer almost $4.8 million in missed sales.

That’s power, and that is the market FBA sellers are tapping into.

It’s Not All Roses  

Like any retailing effort, there is more to selling product than placing it on the self. There is the age old battle of product placement.

Retailers have traditionally negotiated with sellers for control of shelf space, that is not the case with products on Amazon. That is one reason many sellers do not experience the success hoped for when entering Amazon’s FBA program.

Being found on the Amazon website is entirely up to the seller. Being found by buyers does not happen by accident. Only knowledge of the platform and marketing skills allow sellers reasonable exposure to buyers.

Amazon’s new seller terms of service has gone a long way to leveling the field for all sellers. Reviews were once the holy grail for Amazon sellers. They have lost their luster.  The need for  accumulating hundreds or even thousands of reviews to compete, is no longer the case. 

What was once a long and expensive requirement, is no longer necessary. New sellers can now quickly and effectively compete with established brands for a share of $100+ Billion in sales.

Skilled Marketing Is Still Vital To Accomplish Good BSR With Amazon

The Rules

Before marketing strategies are developed, sellers must understand the rules. It’s easy to become frustrated.  To err is human. At Amazon, it can also get you suspended, or worse, banned.

It all begins with packaging and labels. Those sourcing from manufacturers can avoid problems by having this part of the process handled at the manufacturer. Make sure the contract is specific.

Shelf space and positioning in a brick and mortar store is replaced by three critical marketing techniques.

Product Listing  –  Photos – Keywords


Product photos replace smart packaging. It is the quality of the pictures that buyers use to weigh the benefits of similar products. The success of two similar flashlights from different vendors may very well come down to the listing photos.

The rules for photos are clear. It revolves around the way pictures are displayed. Violations can easily cause a listing to be shut down. It only requires a keystroke for Amazon to remove a listing from public view.

Display compliance is still secondary to quality product photos. Displaying the true features of the product is vital when competing with 183 Million other products on Amazon.com.

Product Listing

There are several areas for product descriptions in an Amazon listing. Each section has a unique purpose. Failure to properly use and maximize the space available can make the difference between a top seller or just another product.


Sellers familiar with search engines like Google and their PPC AdWords program know about the proper use of keywords. Setting aside the PPC features of FBA, the importance of keywords in listing product on Amazon cannot be overstated.

The serious research needed to identify the proper keywords to rank, how to use them, and where to place them, can affect sales by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Imagine selling that same flashlight we spoke of earlier. What if that flashlight only showed up when a buyer was searching in pet food?

It is perhaps an extreme example, but the need of getting the entire listing done right has extreme consequences when it comes to sales and profits.

FBA sellers often miss one, two, or all three of the vital areas for marketing effectively on the FBA platform.

When an ocean going ship arrives at a port, it is common for a port captain to board and navigate the ship through the harbor to safety at the pier. They know what to do, where to do it, and what the dangers are.

A sensible strategy in growing on the Amazon.com FBA platform, is to consult with an expert to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of selling with Amazon.

Why Leave The Details To Chance?

I have the knowledge to turn under producing products into successful Amazon top sellers.

Once you have done the research, sourced your product and have approval from Amazon, I can make your product sell.

Using a strategy of proven and proper listing techniques, I work to create success on Amazon for your product. Don’t leave the importance of SEO, images, and keyword research to chance.

Inside Seller Central

Understanding Amazon’s reporting system, spotting trends, changes and new competition is what I do.

As a seller, you then have the time to work with your supply chain. You’ll ensure adequate product is available.

You will have time to find opportunities to reduce sourcing costs or product shipping expenses. All will add to your total profitability.

As your success grows, you are free to source new products and grow your brand. You’ll enjoy the benefits of the largest e-Commerce platform in the world. I can be right there with you navigating the complex system of Amazon.com.

I help sell product using what Amazon FBA makes available. There are two choices. Hire me to do it for you, or pay someone to teach you how to do it yourself.

You Are An FBA Seller

You have spent months researching and sourcing your product. You have invested thousands of dollars for product to inventory with Amazon. Now is not the time to hope you’re doing it right.

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The power of the World’s largest e-Commerce retailer is a wonderful place. Take full advantage of the opportunity.

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