McCain Sold Out For Revenge

When Senator John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer, my first immediate response was, “Oh no!”

Nobody should have to endure the pain, anguish, uncertainty, and in many cases, the finality of cancer. There are more people in my immediate family who have had cancer than there are those who have not.

My opinion of John McCain has not changed because he has fallen victim to a horrible disease. I wish it were not so. I pray that he not be ill.

What the senator did this week, voting against his party, his president and the American people is beyond understanding. I do get it, but understanding the mind that would do such a thing is truly unbelievable.

In my opinion, McCain acted out of spite, not because his decision was right. He voted against the President, in some perverted way perhaps, to get even. It was to stick a finger in the eye of someone he dislikes. He actually may hate his President.

Hate is a strong word, In my almost seventy years, I have never hated a president, politician or even criminals. I have disliked many. I have not agreed on what they stand for, or how and why they do what they do. Hating someone is against human decency.

I imagine there are cases to be made. I don’t have direct knowledge. I think that persons who embody the spirit of evil are cases that one might reconsider. (I fictionalized that character in my novel Kinderhook.)


Senator McCain was deeply offended, even hurt by President Trump’s words about being a war hero. (or not being a true war hero)

There is room to agree, that the statement by Donald Trump was not well considered. But McCain, if he had the character his purports to have, would have ‘let it go’. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.

John McCain has a checkered past. His political life is not without blemish. He, beyond his experience as a POW, has no real professional accomplishment.  He has been elected and reelected espousing a political view that is false.

While elected as a Republican, John McCain is a proven progressive with views much closer to that of Hillary Clinton than those of Donald Trump. He has enmity for the Tea Party and it’s members.

For seven years The United States Senator from Arizona has railed against the failings of the Affordable Care Act known as Obama care. He has voted in the Senate to repeal the act.

This past week, with an opportunity to finally get rid of the curse on U.S health care, John McCain voted to prove to the President, that he, McCain was a force to be reckoned with.

It has been reported that the Senator bragged to democrats such things as, “Let’s see him Make America Great Again, with that,” referring to his vote against the President, his party and the American people.

Some wish to debate the merits of Obama care. Most who do, may be at risk of losing a benefit.

This is the United States. We don’t let people suffer. While some slip through a crack, it is not because the people are not willing to help. But for now, that is not the debate.

The debate is how one man, who for seven years, said he would act one way, but when the time came, he turned his back on those who had placed their collective trust in him. John McCain’s purpose is selfish, petty and because of the stakes, evil.

He did it because of hate.

Another man acted out of hate this year. He purposed in his heart that he would stop what he perceived as evil in Congress.

On June 14, 2017, one man took it upon himself to change the course of the country by attacking a field of unarmed people, shooting with the intent of killing them all.

I don’t have direct knowledge as to the mind of James T. Hodgkinson, but from what can be learned, he hated Republicans and was willing to kill to avenge his own hatred.

Well done Senator McCain. You have shown yourself to be of like mind with men like James T Hodgkinson. Your hatred is so deep and unmanageable, that you have forsaken the sacred trust the people had placed in you.

I do wish you well with treatment, and pray a swift recovery. I must ask however, if the work you did this week will allow your Nation a swift recovery.


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