McCaskill Lies About Her Russian Ties

Where is Clair McCaskill in the Russian collusion story? She lied about her connections to the Russians. But it’s worse than that.

The Corruption In Our Capitol Is Out Of Control.

While the left loses their heads, it becomes more and more clear why It is time to “drain the swamp”McCaskill Lies About Her Russian Ties

It became known recently, that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, (Dem) an outspoken opponent of President Trump, has her own Russian connection.

She Lied

McCaskill tweeted in March of this year. “No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever”.

Reports quickly disclosed that was not true. Here is what she tweeted on January 20, 2013. “Off to meeting w/Russian Ambassador.”

And this, August 6, 2015 “Today calls with British, Russian, and German Ambassadors”.

So much for never meeting or talking with the Russians.

Wait, There’s More

What was not disclosed via tweets, was the black tie event she attended at the Russian Ambassador’s home. In November of 2015, McCaskill, met with Sergey Kislyak and donated $873 to the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation. The Russian Ambassador is the chairman of the foundation.

But As If That Is Not Enough.

The money McCaskill donated to the Russians was not her money, it came from an account at the Shepard Family Foundation. A foundation she and her husband, Joseph Shepard set up in 2013.

Donating foundation money to the Russians is completely legal. She can choose to spend it as she likes. There is different problem.

The United States Senator forgot (for three years) to disclose that information. Disclosure of the foundation and the money, are required Senate filings. Where the money goes must also be disclosed.

To be clear. While foundations are usually legitimate charitable organizations, they can also be used as a vehicle to launder money. Others can donate to the foundation. Their reasons or motives are not known.

Maybe that’s why she didn’t disclose hers until outed. Notice there are no repercussions beyond public outrage. Simply amend the filings and move on.

Senators and other politicians have a very low bar when it comes to doing things the right way.

It gets worse

With the exception of three years, Claire McCaskill has been in public service all of her adult life. That includes a period as Missouri State Auditor.

With all her experience in the law (she is a lawyer) and in audits, you think she would know the rules for disclosure reports. Apparently not so.

Claire McCaskill has had more than one forgetful moment.

She failed to pay personal property tax on an airplane. Only after being “called out” did she pay the tax amounting to nearly $40,000. The payment came with an, “I didn’t know” excuse. She was the state auditor, how could she not know?

Reminds us of the Secretary of The Treasury, overseer of the IRS, explaining his failure to pay taxes on $100,000 on not knowing how to work Turbo Tax.

He husband has done well. Much on the backs of taxpayers.

His business is a tangled web of partnerships. The fortune was built with subsidized low income housing projects. Things like 1% loans while the rest of us paid rates as high as 18%.

The loopholes of the tax code allowed million dollar investments to show up valued at only $1,000 on financial disclosure forms.

Senators and members of Congress are not the only ones who have shady business dealings. We all get it. But they are the only ones who can sweeten the pot with rules and laws to benefit their shady dealings.

These people were not elected to go to Washington to serve themselves. That is, however, exactly what is happening. There is a reason they spend millions to have a job paying less than two hundred thousand.

Does anyone remember the House banking scandal? Nothing has changed.

It’s time to drain the swamp. Claire McCaskill is not the only crooked member of Congress. To ignore her when we know the truth, is like your child, when explaining what they did, “But Jimmy did it too.”

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