Social Media For Small Business

Social media is here to stay. It has become a vital tool for business.

The business that chooses not be a part of these exploding media platforms, does so at their own peril.

Having said that, it is also true that not all social media platforms are created equal. Each has a unique attraction for business. Not all are going to be suitable for every business.

The strategy in using social media to grow any business, is to identify a platform that is popular with the customers you, the business owner are seeking.

I have found that the efforts of most small companies are best focused no more than three platforms, but  that does not mean others don’t have opportunities for business.


This is certainly the biggest of all social media platforms. They offer the best chance for nearly any business to attract the best customers.

If you are a business owner and think Facebook is for school kids, or family members to stay in touch, you are missing out on business.  It has been my experience that businesses with no presence on Facebook are losing credibility with customers.

Facebook is a source of social proof. Having an active account is a signal to your customers that you are a real business.

When customers are considering a company, they check Facebook. If they find nothing, or find an old outdated page, they look elsewhere to spend their money.

Facebook works hard to be a platform for social interaction. It is important to have a page your customers actually enjoy seeing. It is accomplished with quality content that informs rather than sells. There are proven methods for growing a business with Facebook.

Facebook Advertising

Before we leave Facebook, it’s important you understand the power of their advertising platform.  Facebook has broken the code on building profiles of their users.

Small businesses are able to run a targeted ad campaign to reach their ideal customer. It can be  done on a budget as small as two dollars a day.

A quick example might look like this.

You are a landscaper doing quality landscape design and installation work. Your target market are homeowners in your city with homes valued above $300,000.

Not only will Facebook target that demographic, but they will narrow it to an age group you decide. You can target all that, along with many more parameters. You, for example, could also include those who subscribe to Home and Garden Magazine or watch HGTV.


Instagram is owned by Facebook. It is an authority site based on pictures. An Instagram account will reach the world if that’s your market. If you are a local business, Instagram will build your social proof to those in your community.

It is a simple task of posting quality content your neighbors like to see.

Imagine a Boat and Marine business publishing a steady stream of quality pictures of the products available at their retail outlet. With a strategy in place to grow your followers, the social proof to your local market grows exponentially.


This is popular yet narrow specialty platform, with a demographics of people generally under thirty. A business that targets this group can have enormous success.  All that is needed is basic understanding of the platform. An expert in Snapchat can monetize this platform for businesses popular with Snapchat users. Owners often find a potential market they never knew existed.

Opportunities With Social Media

Pinterest, Twitter and others may also help in growing your brand. Pinterest will function much the same as Instagram but has a smaller market.

The opportunities for small business to grow with social media is real. All that is needed is a little expertise in the platform that is best for your company. Some caution is advised. Attempting to use all the platforms is not a good strategy.

I have the expertise to grow your business using the best social media platforms. My Discovery Form can get the ball rolling.  If you wish to learn more, click the link, complete and submit the form.

Together we can make social media work for you and your company.