Integrity – Defined By An American Hero

Integrity - Defined By An American Hero

The issue of integrity is one in a core set of personal traits that define who we are. One American hero defined it.

Our very character is determined by each of at least nine traits, including integrity.Integrity - Defined By An American Hero

Dr David Jeremiah’s new book will be released on October 3rd. He is previewing Life Beyond Amazing in a series of programs aired on television and available at his website,

As I watched today, I was struck with his comment on integrity. Dr. Jeremiah said that a profound definition of integrity is one that comes from (James) Stockdale.

Integrity is keeping a commitment after the circumstances under which the commitment was made, have changed.

James Stockdale was a United States Navy, Vice Admiral. Stockdale was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service in Viet Nam. He was a POW and ranking officer at Hoa Lo Prison. It became known as the “Hanoi Hilton”.

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McCain Sold Out For Revenge

When Senator John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer, my first immediate response was, “Oh no!”

Nobody should have to endure the pain, anguish, uncertainty, and in many cases, the finality of cancer. There are more people in my immediate family who have had cancer than there are those who have not.

My opinion of John McCain has not changed because he has fallen victim to a horrible disease. I wish it were not so. I pray that he not be ill.

What the senator did this week, voting against his party, his president and the American people is beyond understanding. I do get it, but understanding the mind that would do such a thing is truly unbelievable.

In my opinion, McCain acted out of spite, not because his decision was right. He voted against the President, in some perverted way perhaps, to get even. It was to stick a finger in the eye of someone he dislikes. He actually may hate his President.

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