The NFL, Disrespecting America and Most of The Fans

It is becoming more and more evident that the owners and players in the NFL, find it acceptable to disrespect their country, and the fans.

The entire league, all it’s owners and players are to be blamed. Those players not taking part will become collateral damage if the fans decide to boycott.

The National Football League, A Club For Millionaires.

There are two types of members.

Team Owners The NFL, Disrespecting America and Most of The Fans

Owners are millionaires and billionaires. They have enjoyed all that this country has to offer.

Many have worked hard, taken risks and built financial empires that allow them the opportunity and benefits of team ownership. For most, the opportunity for such success would not have been possible any other place in the world.

Had the owners built their businesses elsewhere, the NFL would not have been available to them.


Players are paid exceptionally well. Not all are millionaires, but with proper financial management, they should be.

Even if they squander their riches, the NFL pension plan will keep them in a lifestyle most Americans will never experience.

Case in point, O. J. Simpson. He still receives a $25,000 per month in pension payments. Compare that to the $3,500 a month income earned by most football fans.

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