Governor Brown, Still Defying The United States

Governor Brown of California may just be a chip of the old block. The first Governor Brown considered segregation a good thing and did all he could to keep it legal. The Brown family has a long record of opposing the Federal government.

What is the difference between segregation and discrimination?

There are people in this world that love to hate. Some hate only because others look different. Some hate cultures because they don’t understand them. Some hate only because they are hateful people.

I think everyone can spot haters. Be they racists, bigots, or just stupid. Governor Brown, Still Defying The United States

It is the one who looks you in the eye and tells you how important you are, and then works to destroy you, that is the real hater. Be they racists of something else.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

To remind our friends shouting racist, let’s take a quick look again, at just where the bigots dwell.

We already know that without Republicans, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act would have never become law. A solid block of democrats opposed anything that would stop segregation, allow equal protection, or insure fair housing.

We already know that a solid block of democrats opposed any bill that outlawed discrimination. Georgia Senator, Richard Russell,(D) was once the most powerful man in Washington. He led the delegation in opposing all civil rights legislation.

Former Klan Grand Wizard, Robert C Byrd (D) W. Virginia, was no friend of civil rights legislation.

Senator Al Gore Sr (D) Tennessee, stood shoulder to shoulder with his senate colleagues Russel and Byrd, along with then President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) Texas, to block anything that would insure the rights of black Americans.

Did You Know This?

Today’s memory lane candidate is California’s former Governor, Pat Brown. His leadership as governor from 1959 to 1967, created proposition 14. A measure to off set Federal civil rights legislation.

Specifically, the proposition amended the California Constitution nullifying the Rumford Fair Housing Act. California democrats did not want to integrate neighborhoods. Housing discrimination was legal and supported by democrats.Governor Brown, Still Defying The United States

Proposition 14 was finally declared unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court in 1966.

Think about that. California did not like Federal legislation that outlawed discrimination. They were determined to find a way to ignore Federal protections for United States citizens.

It was Proposition 14 that fed the flames of what is now known as the Watts riots.

If you are looking for racists, you may do well to check the record. Those pointing fingers are often the ones with something to hide.

Most do not realize that prior to 1968, Black voters in America turned out for Republicans in far greater numbers than they did for Democrats.

When Dr. Martin Luther King advised black voters to not support Nixon, it was personal. Dr King was killed in April of ’68. Nixon was elected in November.

The decision to vote for Democrats stuck. Not because it has been good for Blacks, but because Dr King had a problem with one man running for President, Richard Nixon.

Lastly, Pat Brown was the father of California’s current Governor, Jerry Brown.

So ask, is it good for race relations to support those who’s record is centuries of discrimination.

As we look at the fate of American cities, can anyone see the timeline of decay? Did it not begin in earnest in 1968. The killing of Doctor King followed by the empty promises of democrats.

Nearly 50 years of voting, and Detroit is a ghost town, Chicago has record high murders, and nearly every inner city is worse off after trillions of dollars to make things right.

This is on my mind. But it’s also on my heart.

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