Video For Small Business

The Use Of Video In Small Business Is No Longer A Concept.

Video has grown to a point it can not be ignored.

The time will come when everybody is using video. If you miss the boat, it won’t come back to pick you up.

Here is the real deal.  Video works.

With online video now getting more minutes of views each day than television, it’s time to get on board.

I have a proven strategy for small businesses. My strategy not only works, but is amazingly affordable.

Do not confuse videos with advertising. They are not the same. Yes, your videos can be repurposed for ad campaigns, but they are not created for that purpose.

The strategy is not the ever running television commercials used by trial lawyers.

My strategy is to create authority for both you and your company. Video has an emotional component that allows viewers to form a bond with you, and your company.

When you share information that solves a problem, your viewers are grateful. When they know you can solve their problem, they become customers.

But it’s bigger than that. They also become ambassadors for your company. They offer testimonials and referrals. They grow your authority and trust with their friends and family.

How does it work?

I work with small businesses, usually only one business in a field in any geographical area.  If you are a plumber and we are making videos, I don’t work with your competitors.

The creating part should be fun. I’ll help script the production and explain how to complete the ‘shoot’.

What I encourage is a real DIY production (Do It Yourself). It keeps your cost down, A professional videographer comes with a price. So I’ll show you how to make videos. If you insist on using a professional to shoot your video, I can handle that as well.

When all the shots are complete, I edit the work to a final cut. I add animations to enhance the professionalism of the video. I have more than 200 animations I can personalize to any company or brand. They put power in any video.

Want to visit my store?

Here’s a link. Power Video Design Don’t be afraid of the prices. People rarely buy a single animation. If we’re doing videos together, the animations are already a part of my deal with you. I know you’ll be happy.

The next step is publishing. Here is where I earn my keep. Anyone can upload a video to YouTube. That’s not a problem.

What’s important is to have the technical knowledge to rank the video so people actually see it.

I often point out the work done by YellowPages. They create and upload dozens of videos everyday. They all go to the YellowPages Channel on YouTube.

It is a cookie cutter formula that often uses the same elevator music for several companies.

To see less than flattering photos of a business taken from Google maps is common. There is little attempt to place the business in a favorable light.

I have watched dozens of them and it hurts to think of the hard working business people that are having their money squandered.

Some of these videos have only a handful of views in literally years of sitting on YouTube.

What happens after that?  Nothing. Nobody ever sees the video. Businesses bought them spending hundreds of dollars expecting them to work just like a yellow pages ad in the phone book.

When videos rank on YouTube and Google they get watched. When your videos get watched, your business grows. It’s as simple as that.

But my strategy comes with a bonus. When you offer real answers to problems your customers have, they tell their friends. If you were to ask them, they will share your videos with their Facebook friends.

One more point

The YouTube platform is yours. Your videos, your page.

Are you ready to explore the amazing benefits of video? I have a Discovery Form here on my website. Complete the form and we’ll get together