This year has seen an explosion in the use of video. The need for video in your business cannot be overstated.

If growing your business is important, video needs to be a part of your overall strategy.

The day has arrived where those not using video are being left behind.  Why video is important to business

Not to bore you with statistics, it’s important to know the direction of video is straight up.

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Back To Your Video

The words Video marketing may not be the right phrase to use. It leaves a vague idea that we are talking about advertising.

While video is certainly important to advertising, the use of video for small businesses is not the same.

Let’s Look At Some Numbers.

YouTube, a Google owned property, has more than 1.3 Billion users.

  • There are 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • There are nearly 5 Billion videos being watched everyday.
  • In the demographic of 18-49 year olds, we’ll see that 8 out of 10 watch a video at least once a month.

How does this affect small business?

The important points about video for small business begin with authority, and ends with trust. They are the cornerstones for growth and are vital when using video.

Back To Advertising For A Moment.


We’ve all this one

We have all seen the Hollywood type productions for huge international brands. You know them.  Auto manufacturers, consumer goods brands, big box retailers to name a few.

These are all high dollar productions for deep pocket companies spending multiply millions on ad buys in hopes that you will watch.

That is not video marketing for small business.  While small business may have a product to sell and the use of video to demonstrate that product is great, that also is not what my strategy is about.

The use of video for small business is about growing your company. How much? I just read a number that amazed me.

Liis Hainla, in an article published in Dreamgrow,  said that 76% of businesses using video saw good returns on investment.

Video For Small Businesses Works.

The key to video success, is having a strategy. A plan to build a platform of videos that your customers want to watch. Your platform is a place your customers can return for more information. Information they know they can trust.

Video is a marketing tool

For most small businesses, it is not part of an advertising campaign. That is not to say video can not be repurposed for an ad campaign. I have a strategy for that as well.

What is my strategy, exactly?

It is done in steps.  Steps that are easy to take, and do not need to break the bank.

Step one is to create a video that introduces you and your company to the viewer. The video is short and succinct. 

When my business owners see how their initial video turns out, they are ready to go all in.

The video has one purpose. You are letting the viewer know you’re in business, that you understand their problem, and that you are the one to solve it. Pretty simple stuff.

The second step is the beginning of a series of short videos. How long? Some say, as long as it takes. I say no more than 2 to 3 minutes each, but there are exceptions.

Each video will answer a specific question that you know your viewers, your potential customers, are asking, at least to themselves.

The series can be as many videos as you wish to create. I advise five as a bare minimum.

Bonus productions

There are bonus video productions that certain businesses should consider. The videos I’m talking about are wonderful at creating not only authority, but trust and goodwill.

The example I like to cite involves an electrician.

I recently had a circuit breaker go bad at my house. One of those inside my circuit breaker box. You know what I’m talking about. The circuit panel in the garage. (Yours may be in the basement)


I did a search on YouTube and found a DIY tutorial, produced by an electrician. He simply and quickly explained how to change out a bad breaker.

I followed his instructions, step by step and did the repair myself. 

Not counting the drive time to buy the part, my repair took no more than fifteen minutes.

You can not place a dollar value on the authority and goodwill such information provides any business taking the time to do it.

The guy who made the video I watched, is now the electrician I’ll call when I need one.

It is the type of goodwill you can not buy. 

Consider this concept for a moment.

You have an auto repair shop. You do some quick DIY (Do it yourself) videos on simple things people would want to do themselves. Things like how to change a flat tire. You might just make one on how to use the jack, along with where the jack and spare are stored.

Or, how about a quick video on how to change out a windshield wiper blade.

People watch these videos, and the benefits to your business can be enormous.

What if you have a plumbing company?  Think of the goodwill you create if you had a series of videos explaining such things as: Changing out a flapper in the toilet tank.robertecook-image-toilet-tank-flapper

Regardless of your business, the list for videos is endless. A series of videos like these will not only change how people look at your company, it will have them coming to you when they have a serious problem.

That is the value of video for small business.

The third step in video, is editing all the shots to a final product that makes the business owner look like an authority. That’s my job. I edit and add animations to make the video easy to watch.

The Final Step Is Publishing  

Anyone can place a video on YouTube. There are 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute. With that volume, how does anyone find your two or three minutes?

It is my job to post your video so that it ranks. Using solid SEO techniques, I get your video ranking authority so that it shows up when your customer has a problem and is searching for an answer.

Final point on video

There are other applications for video beyond what I have discussed here. As your business needs grow, it is easy to repurpose your video for other campaigns.

Video is evergreen.  What you produce today is still usable tomorrow, next week and even next year. That is not the case with print ads, direct mail or email marketing. They are all one and done.

The production cost with video are a one time event. You have created as asset that will keep on giving.

The value of using video to promote you and your company is a given. How to grow using video is simple and inexpensive. Video has become important for nearly all small businesses.

The best way to benefit is to get started.

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