An Answer To Why

An Answer to Why

Those who have, or are raising children, know about the question “Why?”

Sometimes the only reasonable answer is, “Because I said so.” To explain further is a waste of breath. Your response is not to be mean or to simply quiet the child, but because the child will not understand. They do not have the capacity to understand.An Answer To Why

It is normal, even as an adult, to ask ‘why’. It can be about nearly anything. Often it has to do with issues of the universe, or morality, or human responsibility or unfair treatment, or, and the whys go on and on.

Being a Christian often means having to accept that very answer. “Because I said so.”

Man is not capable of understanding all the answers.

Non Christians may have never heard this truth. Even Christians are often unaware of it.

Truth is truth.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” and what follows, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Speaking to faith in the God of Heaven, whether you believe, or choose not to believe, it is still true. Truth is not changed because of what people think.

There will always be “Why?”, and the only answer may be, “Because I said so.”

It’s hard sometimes to not know.

It’s hard to grasp the concept, we don’t know, what we don’t know.

It is those times, that we hear the answer, “Because I said so.”

As parents, because we love our children, there will be times when that is the only answer. They won’t understand. They often think we’re mean or don’t care.

We know that’s not true. We know that our love is so great, we are willing to hear the words, “I hate you.” And sometimes, they disobey.

Love abides. It will forever. From us to our children, and God to His.

My musing for today. Love to hear what you think. Drop a note in the comments section below.

McCaskill Lies About Her Russian Ties

Where is Clair McCaskill in the Russian collusion story? She lied about her connections to the Russians. But it’s worse than that.

The Corruption In Our Capitol Is Out Of Control.

While the left loses their heads, it becomes more and more clear why It is time to “drain the swamp”McCaskill Lies About Her Russian Ties

It became known recently, that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, (Dem) an outspoken opponent of President Trump, has her own Russian connection.

She Lied

McCaskill tweeted in March of this year. “No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever”.

Reports quickly disclosed that was not true. Here is what she tweeted on January 20, 2013. “Off to meeting w/Russian Ambassador.”

And this, August 6, 2015 “Today calls with British, Russian, and German Ambassadors”.

So much for never meeting or talking with the Russians.

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Fixing Health Insurance Is Not Difficult

Fixing Health insurance does not need to be difficult. It may require hard choices be made, but that’s what Congress is suppose to do.

Auto Insurance Cheap. – It was the headline from an email.

Fixing Health Insurance Is Not Difficult

While I have never considered car insurance as cheap, I have shopped it from time to time. Just to see if I can save a dollar or two.

Here is what I know

I am deluged daily with auto insurance ads, either on television, by email, with website popups, while reading a newspaper, and the U.S. Mail.

You know them well. Good neighbor, you’re in good hands, funny skits of unusual accidents, and little lizards that can talk.

I often wonder why there is no crises with auto insurance. Insurance companies spend millions trying to convince us we’ll save money if we switch.

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