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I have a proven strategy for growing small business using video.

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The business that chooses not be a part of these exploding media platforms, does so at their own peril.

Amazon FBA Consulting

The FBA program has allowed small sellers to leverage the power of one of the world’s largest retailers.

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      Increasing the bottom line for small business without breaking the bank.

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Amazon FBA Consulting

Working with sellers to improve under producing products. Our strategy will move your product to top seller status.


Paul Shlasinger, Skyfall Marketing

Robert Cook has demonstrated his knowledge and skill in the use of social media for business. A true asset for those working with him.


Pablo Checo, Los Angeles SEO

Robert is an experienced businessman with skills in building traffic through social media. To grow the bottom line with minimal advertising budgets is exciting to watch.

Richard Gilman

Robert is a businessman’s businessman. When it comes to building on the Amazon FBA platform, Robert is first rate. His knowledge and decisiveness are an asset worth having on any team.

Tyler Botsford, Digital Marketing Solutions

If you need help with Amazon FBA give Robert a call. He’s professional, hard working, and actually cares about his clients.


Kapi Ochani,  Magic Wand Labs

Robert Cook understands business. His years of experience provides a perspective others may not have. His knowledge and steady hand will bring solid growth for those navigating the Amazon FBA program.

Isaac Byrne, Byrn Media

Robert has years of experience and it shows in his work. His focus and character are traits any business would welcome. I recommend him without reservation.

Julien Chiron, Digital Marketing Consultant

The business of social media marketing is exploding. Understanding business from the inside is an asset one has or doesn’t. Robert knows business. He has the skills and experience to make it grow. I recommend him for all social media and video marketing needs.

Steve Haug,

Robert is a solid force in social media marketing. If you are looking for growth, his strategies in video and social platforms is first rate

Rebecca Holman, SEO consultant

With the growth of Amazon I have seen Robert learn this platform and learn how he can help Amazon Sellers do far better then their competitors on that platform. If you are an Amazon FBA Seller, you must give Robert E Cook a call to see how he can assist you to move your products.

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Best How To Amazon Selling Method

Timing is perfect for new sellers on The world’s largest retailer continues to grow. Amazon’s third party seller program now easier for new entrants to compete. Buyers on Amazon generally don’t care who the sellers are. The buying experience has been...

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How Important Is Video In Business?

There may be  25 million reasons to use video in your marketing efforts. Have you ever heard of Casey Neistat? Neither had I until today. I received my weekly V-blog from Jeff Walker.  You don’t know him either? It’s not important. You Need To Know, What The Value Is...

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How To Sell On Amazon FBA

A seller’s guide to making an Amazon FBA program a successful venture. How To Sell On Amazon FBA Begins After You Have Product. There are three areas of the Amazon sellers process that will make or break an FBA product. They are also the three reasons you should not...

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Growing Business With Video

Growing business with video works. With a solid strategy to create a series of videos, small business. builds authority and trust. Two important needs of any small business. Using traditional methods makes authority building financially impossible for all but the...

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Growing Business With Social Media

The move to  social media for business is going full speed. While most large businesses are still locked into old school strategies, many have added social platforms to their business plan. Small Businesses Must, And Many Are, Moving To The New Media. To Ignore Social...

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Why Video Is Important To Business

This year has seen an explosion in the use of video. The need for video in your business cannot be overstated. If growing your business is important, video needs to be a part of your overall strategy. The day has arrived where those not using video are being left...

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